Frequently Asked Questions

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If you want to know more about the background of Deranged Designs, check out the About page. Or my blog. Or like my Facebook page.

Where are you located? Can I visit your store?
Deranged Designs is a home-based business located in Sacramento, California. I am sorry but I do not have a separate store for you to visit and do not accept order pick-ups.

Can you tell me more about the fabric that you use to make animal print hoodies?
This guide should answer all of your questions.

Can you make me a custom order?
I can make items that are similar to the handmade items that are already on my website. If you want a completely custom garment that isn't anything like what I already sew, then I cannot help you.

Is this website secure?
If you have taken steps to secure your own computer from threats then you shouldn't have any problems ordering from this website. Payments are processed through Paypal, which means that none of your credit card information is shared with Deranged Designs. As long as Paypal is secure, your information is secure. If you would prefer to order Deranged Designs clothing from a familiar website, you can check out the Etsy or eBay stores. You can also check the feedback sections of those stores to read product reviews before making an order.

The shopping cart isn't working! What's going on?
Send me an email and tell me what isn't working. Sometimes my webhosting company will do maintenance on the shopping cart and this will delay orders. If we can't figure out the problem, I can give you an alternative way to pay. If you aren't sure if an order went through, check your email address for a confirmation receipt. If you accidentally make two identical orders, send me an email and I will refund one of them.

Do you screenprint? Can you screen me a patch/t-shirt/etc.?
I do not screenprint. I can't make you any custom prints. When you see band logos on my clothing it is because I get band t-shirts from licensed distributors or directly from the bands and do not print them myself.

Do you accept trades?
If you are local and have a service to offer that I might need, then maybe we can do a trade. I only trade with items that are already in stock, so no custom orders!

Do you sell wholesale? Can I carry any of your items in my store?
I do not sell wholesale, but I may be able to give you a discount on a large order if you pay upfront with a verified Paypal account.

Where do you buy your fabric?
Some of my fabric sources only sell wholesale to businesses that need at least 50 yards of a certain type of fabric. Other than that, I get my fabric from Jo-ann, Hancock, and Hi-Fashion Fabrics in Sacramento, as well as several internet stores like Crazy animal prints come from or

Why don't you sell/sew more men's clothing? Or plus sizes? Or accessories? Or baby clothes?
This is a one-person business so I can only do so much! I plan on adding more men's clothing and plus sizies but I don't have time for anything more than that right now.

Who made your website for you?
I designed it myself with the Yahoo Small Business program. It's easy to use and their web hosting fees start at $40 a month. There are many other websites that offer online shopping cart services.

Can you make me patterns and produce my clothing line for me? I have sketches and ideas for products and I want you to make them and we will both make tons of money!
No. You need to educate yourself about how the fashion industry works before you send emails to anybody else. Asking an online retail store to make products for you is NOT the way to start a clothing line.

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