Custom Hoodie: Women's or Men's Sizing

Custom Hoodie: Women's or Men's Sizing
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Product Description

Custom Hoodie Pricing Starts at $100

Each customization you choose will add a little to the final price.

There are many hoodie options for sale in the women's hoodie section and the men's hoodie section. If you can't find exactly what you want you can order a custom hoodie. Some custom options are free but most will cost an additional fee.

Send an email to to discuss your options. Exchanges and returns are not possible for most custom hoodies. Here are some of the custom options you can order with an estimated cost:

  • Corset Lacing in back: extra $10 for black, pink, or red lacing. Other lacing colors will cost more.
  • Different color combo: for example black hoodie with leopard sleeves (in stock fabrics only), extra $5
  • Longer length: lengthen your hoodie by 3 or 6 inches, extra $5 to $10
  • Different color zipper: choose from many colors of molded plastic zippers, extra $7.50 or more for a completely different type of zipper. Examples of colors
  • Custom size: price varies
  • Custom color/print: order a print that is not in stock, extra $5 to $20 depending on fabric cost. is a good source for velboa fur hoodie fabrics.

Custom requests that I CANNOT make: Custom printing/embroidery, custom fabrics that are not suitable for my hoodie pattern, hoodies with too many changes to my original pattern, etc. This page is for ordering custom faux fur hoodies, not any other custom type of clothing.

Send an email to discuss your custom hoodie! Remember that it takes me up to a week to sew hoodie orders and even longer to order special fabric. Hoodies must be paid for in full before I start any work, no exceptions. Final prices are non-negotiable and I do not give bulk discounts. Most custom hoodies cannot be exchanged or returned.

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