Silver Cone Studs (pack of 20)

Silver Cone Studs (pack of 20)
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Product Description

I try to keep a minimum of 500 studs in stock at all times. If you would like to order more than 500 at one time, send an email to

20 studs for $1. Change the quantity in the shopping cart to the total amount you want. These studs are 1/2" wide.

$1=20 studs
$2=40 studs
$5=100 studs
$10=200 studs
$25=500 studs

You can use these to decorate your clothing and accessories. They have 2 prongs in back and are easy to attach. No tools are needed to put them in, but you may need an awl or large needle to poke holes through thick materials.

Check out the Deranged Designs Studs & Spikes Pinterest Board for ideas on DIY studding projects!

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